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Is your brand reaching its full potential on digital marketplaces?


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This blog post explores the untapped potential of brands in wholesale, highlighting common challenges and advocating proactive strategies to maximise brand presence and performance in the digital marketplace.

In the bustling world of digital retail, one question remains central to our philosophy: Are your wholesale partners fully maximising your brand and products’ potential? Our experience and research suggest that often, they are not. This realisation has spurred us to challenge the norm and advocate for proactive strategies over passive reliance on wholesale accounts.

Understanding the common issues in wholesale marketplaces

The wholesale space is fraught with challenges that can hinder a brand’s potential:

  • Resource Constraints: Marketplaces are inundated with managing a vast array of brands, leading to inevitable resourcing issues.
  • Technology Reliance: There’s a significant over-reliance on underdeveloped AI and machine learning tools.
  • One-Size-Fits-All Approach: Many marketplaces apply the same strategy across multiple brands, which often falls short of addressing specific brand needs.

The downfall of passive management

A prime example of passive management’s pitfalls is seen in product titles on wholesale websites. If a brand trusts that the wholesale partner will correctly publish their products with accurate and complete product titles, they risk the findability of their products. Errors or omissions in product titles can significantly limit a product’s visibility, especially when dealing with thousands of products. This common error rate can have a substantial impact on a brand’s performance in the marketplace.

The role of digital trade research

Our approach involves regularly conducting digital trade research on each industry’s leading marketplaces. This research highlights where these platforms commonly falter. From there, we meticulously design, develop, and test tactical solutions to offer to clients who would benefit from them.

Shaping tactical solutions for wholesale uplift

Taking the product titles issue as an example, our research identified this widespread problem. The tactical solution we developed in response is our “digital shelf health monitoring” audit. This tool provides real-time insights on product titles and other crucial metrics, effectively correcting the issue.

Quick, precise solutions empowering businesses

Brands and marketplaces need each other, yet it’s challenging for them to provide clear and precise instructions amidst constant activity. Our solutions are designed to be quick and precise, offering clear directions to each party. This approach ensures mutual benefits and substantial uplifts in digital trade performance.

Realising unmatched heights in digital trade

The impact of leveraging insights from digital trade research is substantial. In 2022 alone, our strategies led to generating £80 million in new sales. This achievement speaks volumes about the power of a proactive approach in digital retail. It underscores the fact that marketplaces and wholesale partners often cannot cope on their own, and the sooner brands realise this, the better.

Case study: A £80 million success story

Our success in generating substantial sales growth serves as a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. This case study highlights how a strategic, informed approach to digital trade can lead to significant improvements in brand performance and presence in the wholesale market.

Re-evaluating your wholesale strategy

We invite you to reconsider your current wholesale strategy. Are you truly maximising your brand’s potential in the wholesale space? Our specialised services can help you unlock the full potential of your brand, ensuring that you are not just present in the market, but thriving.

Check out our page on Online Retail Intelligence.

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