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Don’t like the way your brand shows up on retail partner websites?


Article Summary

This article explores challenges brands face on retail partner websites, presenting bespoke solutions like digital shelf health monitoring and compliance tools, significantly boosting product visibility, accuracy, and sales by up to 18%.

Navigating the complexities of digital retail landscapes presents a unique set of challenges for brands aiming to optimize their online presence through retail partner websites. The visibility and accuracy of campaign assets, product placements, and the overall portrayal of your brand can significantly influence consumer perception and sales performance. In this article, we delve into the common hurdles brands face, propose effective solutions, and discuss the tangible impacts of strategic interventions.

Understanding the Challenges

Brands frequently encounter several issues that can dilute their presence on retail partner websites, including:

1. Limited Visibility of Campaign Assets

Essential marketing materials fail to capture the attention they deserve, diminishing the potential impact of promotional campaigns.

2. Poor Product Placement and Ranking

Products are often misplaced or poorly ranked on key Product Listing Pages (PLPs), rendering them invisible to the target audience.

3. Inaccurate Product Information

Discrepancies in product descriptions, images, and specifications can lead to a mismatch between consumer expectations and reality.

4. Reduced Discoverability

A notable absence in search results for critical terms significantly reduces product discoverability.

5. Insufficient Marketing Support

Many brands find their products lack the necessary marketing support on retail partner social channels, further diminishing brand visibility.

6. Compliance Issues

Challenges with maintaining compliance relating to sale prices, embargo dates, and promised levels of marketing support during campaign activations are not uncommon.

What solutions are there?

While initiating dialogue with retail partners is a conventional approach to addressing these challenges, it often yields limited success due to the vast number of brands a retailer manages. A more focused and impactful strategy includes:

1. Digital Shelf Health Monitoring

Unlike generic solutions offered by many SaaS platforms, a bespoke digital shelf health monitoring approach tailored to integrate with third-party sellers without direct API access can significantly enhance product listing accuracy. This method ensures meticulous scrutiny and optimisation of every product aspect, from titles to tags, ensuring they meet the brand’s standards and enhance consumer engagement.

2. Compliance Monitoring Tools

Utilising tools to monitor and ensure adherence to agreed promotional activities and pricing strategies is crucial for maintaining brand integrity. These tools help brands safeguard against compliance-related issues that could jeopardise their reputation and financial performance.

3. Social Listening Tools

Advanced social listening tools capable of accessing third-party data offer invaluable insights into how a brand is discussed and perceived across social channels. This information is essential for brands looking to understand consumer sentiment and adjust their strategies accordingly.

What results can you expect from deploying these solutions?

Implementing these strategic solutions has proven to significantly improve a brand’s presence and performance on retail partner websites. While the specific outcomes can vary, our deployments have consistently generated a 10-18% increase in weekly unit sales across the retail partners a brand collaborates with. This notable uplift in sales underscores the importance of addressing the challenges head-on with innovative, bespoke solutions.

Moving forward

The digital wholesale arena is continuously evolving, requiring brands to adapt their strategies to maintain and enhance their online presence. By leveraging tailored digital shelf health monitoring, compliance monitoring, and social listening tools, brands can overcome common hurdles and achieve a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

Interested in transforming your brand’s wholesale presence? Engaging with a partner like us can provide the expertise and bespoke solutions needed to elevate your brand above the rest. Let’s start a conversation on how we can help you achieve these goals and turn challenges into opportunities for growth. Contact us

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