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Four key threats to brands selling on marketplaces in 2024


Article Summary

This post examines four crucial areas impacting wholesale brands in 2024 – Competition, Placement, Quality, and Compliance – and emphasises the need for strategic adaptation to maintain and grow market share.

The four threats

As we enter 2024, the wholesale landscape brims with both challenges and opportunities, especially when selling on digital marketplaces. Brands must be vigilant and strategic to maintain or expand their market share on these marketplaces. This post delves into four critical areas that will significantly impact wholesale brands:

  • Competition
  • Placement
  • Quality
  • Compliance


The ever-evolving battlefield

In the world of wholesale, 2024 is shaping up to be a battleground of strategic wits and innovative tactics. Brands are not merely trying to keep pace but are striving to outmanoeuvre their competitors through a blend of research, innovation, and agility.

  • Intensified Market Research: Brands are digging deeper into market dynamics, using sophisticated tools to dissect and analyse every move of their competitors. This involves a granular study of product designs, pricing strategies, and consumer preferences.
  • Adaptive Product Strategies: Companies are swiftly adapting their products based on comprehensive market feedback, targeting the slightest gaps and weaknesses in the competitors’ offerings.
  • Exploiting Digital Avenues: In 2024, digital prowess is a game-changer. Brands that leverage digital channels effectively are positioned to outshine their competition.


Mastering the digital shelf

Effective placement in 2024 goes beyond mere visibility; it’s about making strategic moves that position your products optimally in each marketplace.

  • Bespoke Placement Strategies: Each marketplace has its intricacies, and a one-size-fits-all approach is a recipe for invisibility. Tailored strategies are essential for ensuring that your products are not just seen but also are placed in a context that resonates with the target audience.
  • Understanding Marketplace Algorithms: Placement is not just about where your product sits; it’s about understanding and leveraging the algorithms of each marketplace to ensure maximum visibility and engagement.
  • Innovative Display Techniques: Utilising cutting-edge display and marketing techniques can significantly enhance product appeal and discovery on digital shelves.


The backbone of online reputation

In the digital age, the quality of your product metadata can make or break your brand. 2024 sees an increased emphasis on the precision and appeal of online product presentations.

  • Metadata Optimisation: Accurate and engaging product titles, descriptions, and keywords are more crucial than ever. They are the first point of contact with the customer and play a pivotal role in searchability and appeal.
  • Visual and Interactive Content: Beyond text, the quality of visual and interactive content associated with your products directly impacts consumer engagement and conversion rates.
  • Continuous Quality Monitoring: Regular monitoring and updating of product metadata are essential to maintain relevance and competitiveness.


Upholding brand standards

Compliance is no longer just about adhering to regulations; it’s about ensuring that every aspect of your product’s online presence aligns with your brand’s standards and values.

  • Strict Adherence to Trade Terms: Ensuring that all marketplace partners adhere to your brand’s pricing, promotional, and presentation guidelines is critical for maintaining brand integrity.
  • Real-Time Compliance Monitoring: The ability to monitor compliance in real-time allows for swift action and correction, safeguarding your brand’s reputation and market position.
  • Proactive Compliance Strategy: A forward-thinking compliance strategy not only protects but also enhances your brand’s standing in the market.

A message from us

Paul Banks, Co-Owner at BANKS, encapsulates the essence of this strategic approach:

We’ve been helping wholesale brands sell better on marketplaces for years. Tackling these four key areas has turned into an art form where passion for the job, investigative prowess, and technical skills reign supreme.

Final words

As 2024 unfolds, these four areas – Competition, Placement, Quality, and Compliance – will critically determine the success of wholesale brands. Mastering these domains requires a blend of passion, investigative skills, and technical expertise.

Take action

To support your brand’s journey in these challenging yet rewarding realms, we offer specialised expertise and tools tailored to each area. Whether it’s conducting in-depth market research, developing bespoke placement strategies, optimising product metadata, or ensuring strict compliance, we are here to guide and assist you in achieving outstanding market performance and gaining a competitive edge.

For information, check out our service page on Online Retail Intelligence.

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