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Introducing the new product editor beta for WooCommerce


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WooCommerce's New Product Editor Beta revolutionises product management by offering an intuitive, block-based editing interface that simplifies the creation and editing of product listings, making it faster and more user-friendly. This update signifies WooCommerce's commitment to improving store management and enhancing the user experience for store owners.

At BANKS, we’re thrilled to introduce a significant update that’s set to transform the way WooCommerce store owners manage their products. The New Product Editor Beta is a cutting-edge feature designed to streamline the product creation and editing process, making it faster, more intuitive, and more efficient than ever before.

Simplifying Product Management with the New Product Editor

The New Product Editor Beta is all about enhancing the product management experience on WooCommerce. It’s been crafted to simplify yet empower the process of creating and editing product listings. By integrating block-based editing, this new editor not only speeds up performance but also reduces the time spent navigating through settings. This update is part of WooCommerce’s ongoing efforts to upgrade its technology and improve store management across the board.

Key Features of the New Product Editor

  • Opt-In Feature: Available from WooCommerce 7.9, the new product management experience is an opt-in feature, ensuring store owners can transition at their own pace.
  • Enhanced Interface: The editor introduces an intuitive interface, allowing easy navigation through tabs such as General, Organization, Pricing, Inventory, Shipping, Variations, and Linked Products. This streamlined approach ensures efficient management and a seamless editing experience.
  • Support for Simple and Variable Products: Initially, the new form supports simple and variable physical products, with plans to expand its capabilities to include more product types in the future.

How to Enable the New Product Editor

Enabling the New Product Editor Beta is straightforward. Store owners can activate it by navigating to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Features and checking the “Try new product editor (Beta)” option. Once enabled, adding a new product will reveal the new interface, complete with tabs designed to simplify the product listing process.

Benefits of the New Product Editor

The New Product Editor Beta brings several benefits to WooCommerce store owners:

  • Faster Product Listing Creation: With block-based editing, creating and editing product listings is now quicker than using the classic form. One great example of this is the ability to let WooCommerce choose Upsells and Crosssells for you at the click of a button. Presumably, this has some basic logic that is capable of finding products that match the one you are creating.
  • Intuitive Product Management: The editor’s intuitive interface makes managing product details more straightforward, allowing for a more efficient workflow.
  • Future-Proofing Your Store: This update paves the way for further improvements in store management, ensuring your WooCommerce store remains at the cutting edge.

Transitioning with Ease

While the New Product Editor Beta marks a significant advancement, it’s important to note that it currently works with simple and variable physical products. Extensions that leverage product options, such as WooCommerce Subscriptions, may not be compatible with the beta stage. However, WooCommerce is committed to rolling out additional features to support a wider range of products and extensions in the future.


The introduction of the New Product Editor Beta is a testament to WooCommerce’s commitment to improving the eCommerce experience for store owners. At BANKS, we believe this update will be a game-changer for our clients, offering a more streamlined, efficient, and enjoyable product management process. We encourage all WooCommerce store owners to explore this new feature and take advantage of its benefits to enhance their online store’s functionality and user experience.

Stay tuned for more updates as WooCommerce continues to expand the capabilities of the New Product Editor, ensuring it meets the diverse needs of eCommerce businesses worldwide.

For more information on WooCommerce, check out our service page on e-commerce. Alternatively, if you want to upgrade your WooCommerce store then please contact us.

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